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Special Events

May 1st 2018 "Uniques & Antiques (Brute) Auction"  May 3rd "Wright (Brute) Auctions " . Check them out by clicking here.

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Gary Carlson, Robert's partner of 31 years, is the sole authenticator of Robert's art because the "Brute" image Robert painted is Gary Carlson. Gary met Robert in 1980 at "Boots and Saddles" in Manhattan and understands better than anyone, how Robert used his materials and what inspirations his work manifested.

With the recent demand for Robert's art in the market, there have been forgeries circulating and should be avoided. If you have a Loughlin piece and would like to authenticate it for a fee, contact Gary at 917-648-6950 or gary@robertloughlin.us to begin the authentication process.



Robert Loughlin Art


What They Say

"There is a lot of intensity in Robert's paintings. This character that he has created is both unknown and knowable, and repeats in ways that become very sensitive. There is a history to what he is doing."  – Thomas O'Brien, Designer/President, Aero Studios, NYC

What They Say

"Robert's art is a complex mixture of all his pop culture influences distilled into a simple, single code." – Dimitri Levas, Artistic Director, The Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation, NYC
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