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Testimonial Quotes About Robert Loughlin

"Soon after falling for each-other in Manhattan (1980) Robert and I moved to a lobby-store in the 'Henry Hotel' at 536 Washington Street Miami Beach. Having nothing to do while I threw-bags at P.A.A. Mr. Loughlin picked up a brush and started painting on bed sheets."  
- Gary Carlson "Is the Brute"



"There is a lot of intensity in Robert's paintings. This character that he has created is both unknown and knowable, and repeats in ways that become very sensitive. There is a history to what he is doing." 
– Thomas O'Brien, Designer/President, Aero Studios, NYC

"Robert's art is a complex mixture of all his pop culture influences distilled into a simple, single code."
– Dimitri Levas, Artistic Director, The Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation, NYC

"His work mixes a surreal dada approach of using found objects and then applying graffiti or images that transforms a mundane object into an 'objet d'art'."
– Eldon Wong, Owner, Eldon Wong Design, NYC


A Collector Who Fills His Los Angeles Home with Carefully Sourced Clutter
New York Times Style Magazine, by Kurt Soller, November 25th 2021
An Easter Egg Hunt to find Robert's painting featured in Jonathan Pessin's home.


Bergdorf Goodman's does 'Brute' window July-August 2019


Meet the Brute
Port Townsend Leader, by Chris McDaniel, April 24th 2019



Wallpaper Wednesday — April 3rd 2019
This Chelsea NYC project received instant character with a custom acorn wallpaper by Zina Studios, a painting by Robert Loughlin and a bright orange painting from the client's collection.


The 6 Best Celebrity Living Rooms of 2018 
Architectural Digest, by Seth Plattner December 27th 2018


Larry Weinberg on Artist Robert Loughlin
Interior Design Magazine, July 23rd 2018


The Work of Robert Loughlin
Medium, Richard Wright, July 16th 2018


‘The Brute’ to be Revealed Along with Graffiti Artist "Robert Loughlin's Paintings" at Studio Bob
Peninsula Daily News, March 9th 2018


Is This Cabinet Worth $500,000?
New York Times, by Jacob Bernstein, January 11th 2017


Now Trending: The Artist Robert Loughlin
New York Times, by Jacob Bernstein, September 30th 2015


A Vintage Life in the Chelsea Hotel
New York Times, by Penelope Green, February 18th 2015
Suzanne Lipschultz was recently featured in The New York Times with the largest collection of Robert's early works.


Now Showing | Sverre Bjertnes
New York Times, by Michael Skebsje, March 15th 2013
Review of the White Colums show, including Robert's work.


Sverre Bjertnes and Bjarne Melgaard Team Up at White Columns
W Magazine, by Kevin McGarry, March 11th 2013
 Review of the White Colums show, including Robert's work.


Trailer Park Tenants Get One More Year
Hudson Reporter, Vanessa Cruz, March 5th 2013
Mr. Loughlin's studio is being besieged! 
Settlement offered to Manhattan Trailer Court residents - Ongoing legal issue could soon come to an end.


The Work of Edward Deed — Folk or Outsider Art for Your Home
JaneDesignBlog and New York Times, by Thomas Jayne, January 6th 2013
Loughlin Painted Column Appears in The New York Times. Interior design by Thomas Jayne, photo by Dina Sanchez.


On Location | East Village
New York Times, by James Ransom, December 20th 2012
Robert's painting featured in the Great Homes & Destinations section.


Art Meets Design
New York Times, by Moris Moreno, December 13th 2012
Home & Garden section slideshow featuring limited-edition furniture show including Robert's work from Design Miami/ 2012 exibition.


The Enigmatic Robert Loughlin, by Wava Carpenter, November 28th 2012
Review of the Design Miami/ 2012 exibition of Robert's work.


Fake Robert Loughlins Circulating on the Market
There have been fake paintings popping up on the art and antiques market. Please do not purchase these as you can tell the difference between a real RL painting and a poorly done fake. If you see any that are on websites, antique stores or community markets, please inform the seller it is a FAKE. For an authentic RL painting, please refer to this page.


Artist: Robert Loughlin
Wright Auctions
Memoriam, Including an interview with Robert by Gary Carlson, The Brute Himself!


Robert Loughlin Memorial Service — January 20, 2012
More details will follow when they are made available.


Retrospective Message
The Brute is now in the early stages of putting a retrospective on Robert Loughlin's art. We are looking for interesting found objects, paintings on wood, metal or canvas. If anyone of the Robert Loughlin collectors out there has what they may feel would be a good fit for the show; and would be willing to lend that art for a Mr. Loughlin first ever retrospective, please send a picture (front and back please) with its size. If possible, it would be so nice if some story about a little detail of the paintings background could be brought forth.
Many thanks -- Gary Carlson aka The Brute "The estate of RL & GC"


Give My Regards to Hudson County — The Three Biggest Arts and Entertainment Stories in 2011
Mr. Loughlin Makes Top Ten Stories of 2011 in Hudson Reporter
North Bergen artist Robert Loughlin passes away. Renowned fine artist Robert Loughlin – whom Andy Warhol dubbed “the Chairman” – was killed by a car while crossing Tonnelle Avenue in September after feeding stray kittens across the street from the trailer park where he lived. He is best known for his portrait of an iconic, square-jawed, smoking man called The Brute.


Robert Loughlin, Famed Furniture Dealer and Painter, Dies at 62
Observer, by Andrew Russeth, October 13th 2011


Robert Loughlin, 62, Artist and Design Expert, Dies
New York Times, Paul Vitello, October 11th 2011
Scouring flea markets and thrift stores for discarded furnishings, Mr. Loughlin helped spark a market for sleek midcentury modern design... Read More …


Robert Loughlin, Famed Furniture Dealer and Painter, Dies at 62
Associated Press via, by Karen Zraich, September 29th 2011


Partner of Recently Deceased North Bergen Artist Robert Loughlin Shares the Couple's 'Ups and Downs'
Hudson Reporter, September 2011
Gary Carlson sits at his computer fielding calls from obituary writers within his trailer in the Manhattan Trailer Court on Tonnelle Avenue in North Bergen. He continually pauses, teary-eyed, reflecting on the relationship he had with Robert Loughlin, his partner of 31 years...

R.I.P. Robert Loughlin (1949-2011) — September 27th 2011
As many of you have heard, Robert was struck and killed by a car last week, Tuesday September 27th, near his home in New Jersey. He was 62 years old. NY artist & furniture dealer Robert Loughlin dies at 62; painted ‘the brute’ around the city. Gary Carlson, Robert's partner from the last 31 years is appreciative and thankful for the condolences he has received by those who knew or met Robert.


Design on a Dime — 2011
Robert Loughlin artwork featured at Housing Works Design on a Dime 2011.


Art Ltd. — March/April 2011
“...Robert Loughlin is the rare successful artist who can claim the term without pretension. He has a storied past as a punk artist, provocateur and picker — a finder of extraordinary objects."


Lost & Found: The Art and Artifacts of Robert Loughlin Solo Exhibition
Perihelion Arts, Phoenix Arizona, January 7th-29th 2011


Tomorrow: Meet the Man Who Touched Andy Warhol
Phoenix New Times, by Wynter Holden, January 6th 2011
 “...In the heyday of Warhol's Factory, the pop art king purchased tons of hand-painted chairs from Loughlin. The New York based artist is even mentioned in The Andy Warhol Diaries.”


Java Magazine — January 2011

New Art Work in the Paintings Gallery
Robert's finished a few pieces currently avaliable for sale: Mooseawiny Modern, The Pretty Things, Jackie and Poet.


Robert Loughlin Painting on MSN Entertainment
A Loughlin hanging in designer Eldon Wong's room.


Robert Loughlin Artwork Now Available in Palm Springs, CA
Stewart Galleries now representing Robert Loughlin in Palm Springs, CA.


Robert Loughlin Artwork to Be Auctioned at Phillips de Pury — March 8th 2011
Robert Loughlin artwork to be auctioned at March 8 Phillips de Pury sale.


Robert Loughlin Showing at Three Squares Studio
Robert Loughlin has an exhibit of new paintings showing at Three Squares Studio in New York City.


Robert Loughlin's Brutish Re-Branding 
Beach Package Design via BoxVox, by Randy Ludacer, November 5th 2010


Loughlin Art Featured in Hamptons Magazine
Hamptons Cottages and Gardens Magazine, by Wynter Holden, July 15th 2010
Robert Loughlin artwork was featuredin the home of Eldon Wong.


Milan Design Week 2010
“...his signature icon, the squared-jaw man with a cigar titled 'the brute', has appeared all over new york city on signs, doors and walls. loughlin to this day still incorporates his 'obsession' with this iconic image into his art.”


New York Spaces — April 2010
Robert Loughlin Art graces the cover of New York Spaces Magazine.


Home is Where the Art Is
New York Times, by Felix Burrichter, March 3rd 2010
Review of Robert's 'Home' show featured in the Culture section.


Remember the Kinks by Robert Loughlin
Giant Oil Painting — SOLD
Loughlin's "Remember the Kinks" sold on eBay for the amount of $10,700

Below is the seller's listing description:
"Masterpiece measuring 79" x 35 1/2". Photo taken by Robert's partner Gary Carlson, aka The Brute,  July 2011 at my estate in Franklin Lakes New Jersey. A work of this size is extremely rare and executed with inimitable skill and genius. Robert was a close friend who was accidently killed Sept 27, 2011 while crossing the street near his home in New Jersey. Roberts importance in the art world was reflected in the near half page obituary he received in the New York Times and front page coverage in many national papers. Robert was one of Andy Warhol's closest friends and one of only a select few people allowed in his studio. Andy affectionately called Robert the 'Chairman' because Robert sold so many chairs to him. Robert defined cool and style with a visionary eye and savant-like genius, teaching the worlds finest designers and artists what was important and why. His friends and associates are a Who's Who of the artworld elite — ie Warhol, Basquiat, Haring, Scharf, etc.— all of whose works set price records worldwide. One could logically conclude that a man of this background 20 of this importance should at least be selling at similar levels. HE WILL BE VERY VERY SOON. I estimate this work being one of a handful in existence will be selling above million in the next 5 to 10 years. A famous story is when Robert first met Warhol he told him he gets stuff he likes {Robert was also a world renowned picker} Andy replied 'get me the stuff.' Dont miss this opportunity to own the finest work of this world class artist. I know I will regret selling this now but my loss is your gain."

Artist Robert signing a Brute painting for art dealer Skot Foreman which became Mr. Loughin's last full day on earth.


"The Brute Draws!"
Now available are drawings by "The Brute" Gary Carlson when you purchase a copy of The New Icon of Modern: Robert Loughlin.


The New Icon of Modern Robert Loughlin — 2010
47-page book featuring artist's interview and biography and over 30 full color works. Edited by Dimitri Levas, famed Art Director of the Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation and with an introduction by the one and only American culture critic and curator Carlo McCormickSoftcover, perfect bound 


Habitually Chic — 2010
Habitually Chic Housing Works Benefit included a Loughlin china set.


Milan Design Week — 2010
Robert Loughlin showcased his work at commissioned, an exhibition taking place for Milan Design Week 2010.


Robert Loughlin at Rago Arts — April 25, 2010
Robert Loughlin artworks alongside modern masters offered for sale at Rago Arts and Auction Center.


Robert Loughlin Painting Graces the Cover of New York Spaces Magazine — 2010


At Auction, the Secret Cache of an lcon
New York Times, by Christopher Mason, November 18th 2009
“...his signature icon, the squared-jaw man with a cigar titled 'the brute', has appeared all over new york city on signs, doors and walls. loughlin to this day still incorporates his 'obsession' with this iconic image into his art.”


Western Interiors and Design Magazine — April/May 2007
Robert Loughlin object featured.


V Magazine — Summer 2006
Robert Loughlin painting featured.


Sonny Barger's 67th Birthday — October 8th 2005
Ralph Hubert 'Sonny Barger' founding member and former President of the Oakland, C.A. chapter of the Hells Angels poses with his bad-azzz gift from the boys on his 67th birthday.


A Thrift Shop Dali
New York Times, by Carol Vogel, February 24th 1995
Robert featured in the Inside Arts section.


Two Guys in a Pickup on the Prowl for Antiques
New York Times, by Georgia Dullea, August 29th 1991
Feauture article on Robert and Gary — The Brute Himself! — in the Home & Garden section.