Dreaming out-Loud. 10/13/18

(A Brutes first Remembrance)

ON my first full stand-up I notice my soggy-squishy bottom felt better, and there was a chocolate-brown wall about me.

What was most dazzling? being elevated or spotting hypnotizing color? I do not recall, but the second had powered my sense of touch.

Holding bars and gliding down I was again floating in a stinging swamp. I wanted to leave that stink and grab a Brown Wall.

It seems all my life I've run into stingers, but with determination there were canoe’s. ----Gary Carlson "Is the Brute"---

Star Light Star Bright

I was about 3 years old and I spent much time with grandma Bessie who had a bedroom upstairs next to mine. My room had three walls with rows and rows of glass panes as it was an upstairs sun porch; it's glass halfway to the deck. This was my bedroom but this evening it was MoMA, when a force jerked my tiny-head agog-ha, my first night star. Gary Carlson "Is the Brute"

3 month beach bum

After discovered havens, I had a mind smacking for more excitement. Pedaling my dozer red tricycle, I spotted Bessie had forgotten to close the folding stair-gate, and without prejudice, made the dash.I spent summer car-sitting watching the family splashing Ottertail Lake, unable to walk. The University of Minnesota Medical Center was soon to be a 3-month stay


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